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Potato Soup

Throwing food together yet again, this time I was intent on making warming food on this cool, rainy day. We didn’t have any meat in the house, and I didn’t want to get out in the cold rain. Solution:

Potato Soup

Potato Soup
Chop 3 onions, add a couple tablespoons of minced garlic and cook in large soup pot. I added a bit of sesame oil this time to keep the onions from sticking and burning. While that cooked, I peeled and rinsed 11 potatoes. I don’t always peel them, but I opted to do so this time since the skins on the potatoes I was using were a bit tough. I also chopped up all the celery in the house — about 4 stalks? — and maybe 2/3rds of a pound of carrots. I added about 2.5 cups of water to the pan, tossed the vegetables in, covered the pan and brought to a boil. Simmer, 20 minutes or until the veggies are soft. Turn up the heat, back to about medium. Add salt and pepper, pour in 1/3 gallon milk (to cover), and add shredded cheese (3-4 handfuls). Once the cheese has melted and become incorporated, serve.

Made with staples I nearly always have on hand.

It hit the spot.



We welcomed the (temporary) return of cool, crisp weather earlier this week with a large pot of minestrone. I used this recipe, which somehow always seems to be lacking in broth. This is quite an accomplishment, since my husband is quite near the end of the broth-liking spectrum.

Another incentive for making minestrone when I did was that we were left with a cabbage and a half after hosting Sunday’s Japanese food party.

This is one of the classics in our family. Tastes, to me, mostly like the minestrone at Olive Garden. It’s especially nice with freshly grated parmesan on top!

I had intended to make some foccacia to accompany the stew for the second day, but something else (I forget what) absorbed my time.

Pasta alfredo

Tonight we had shell pasta with white sauce. Yeah, not too exciting. However, it’s still sustenance, and we’ll probably eat some variation of this meal again.

Tonight’s sauce: Onions, butter, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, pepper, milk, flour. Sorry, no proportions — we didn’t measure. This one was heavy on the onions and parmesan. It could have used a bit more garlic, but oh well.

We’ll try to get in the habit of photographing our food before it’s devoured!