Minestrone/vegetable beef stew

Vegetable beef soup

We still had cabbage left, so I made another pot of soup. I started with the minestrone recipe as my basis. This time, though, I added 1.5 pounds of stew meat, cut into smaller pieces. I omitted the pasta. I used more of most of the veggies (carrots, celery, cabbage). I skipped the broth and just used water. Because the stew meat is generally tough, I started it early and let just that simmer for about an hour before I really started assembling the stew. I added a couple dashes of worchestershire sauce at the end, too. I also made sure to add enough water so the final product wasn’t too dry.

In the end, it seemed to have more tomatoes than the minestrone, although I added the exact same amount and made a fuller pot of stew.

I still have half a cabbage left! I’m thinking southern-style coleslaw, for P.


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